More Quotes from Gwen’s November InStyle Cover Story

PeopleStyleWatch has posted more quotes from Gwen’s November InStyle cover article!The issue hits newsstands in the US this week;we hope to have the full article up soon-we had posted additional quotes from Gwen’s InStyle interview and HQ scans of the gorgeous photoshoot HERE.

Gwen Stefani admits it: It’s not easy to look like her.

“The makeup goes on every day,” she confesses in the November issue of InStyle. “Even if I’m not going anywhere.”

The Old Hollywood look is inspired by a mix of muses including Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe — “I do my roots as often as [she] did hers” — as well as figuring out what worked at an early age. “When I was 17, my grandmother got me a gift pack with all these different colored lipsticks, and one of them was burgundy,” she tells the mag. “I tried it on and looked in the rear-view mirror and said, ‘That looks good.’ I’ve worn it ever since.”

Being married to a rock star is an added incentive, she says; she’ll often nix a simpler outfit in favor of one that will impress hubby Gavin Rossdale. “It was like my own runway. I thought, ‘You are being such an idiot!’” she admits of trying on five outfits before leaving the house. Apparently, Rossdale is a hard act to follow: “He looks good in everything.”

Perhaps Stefani’s creative indecisiveness has trickled down to her two sons, who are fashion plates in their own right. “I like them to be creative and have fun,” she says of 5-year-old Kingston and 3-year-old Zuma. “Sometimes they’ll get dressed and it’s horrifying. But they often come out in outfits that are awesome.”

To check out Gwen’s style transformation, revisit her best red carpet looks or to try on her bleached coif, head on over to

UPDATE: JustJared has shared another quote from the article that hasn’t been posted before:
On making time for her young sons: “The thing I’d like to do is enjoy these boys while they’re young – so I don’t regret I was working too much when they’re big and don’t want to cuddle with me anymore.”

UPDATE 2: Here’s another quote from the interview,taken from USA Today:

On life’s little indulgences: “I’m conscious of what I eat, but some days I cave and have cookies. On fun nights with the family, my husband cooks amazing things and there will be carbs.”

UPDATE 3: ShowbizSpy has posted a few newer quotes from the article:

GWEN Stefani likes her kids to be “creative” when it comes to fashion.

The No Doubt singer raises sons Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, with husband Gavin Rossdale.

“I like them to be creative and have fun. I’d love to be part of it — don’t get me wrong,” Stefani, 42, says of dressing her boys in the November issue of InStyle.

“Sometimes they’ll get dressed and it’s horrifying. But they often come out in outfits that are awesome.”

Gwen admits combining her catwalk looks with motherhood has proven to be a challenge.

“When you have two little boys, you have to play outside. There’s no way around it,” she explains. “If we’re at the park, I try not to wear heels. The kids are so gigantic, it would be painful.

“I always bring back-up shoes!

“At work, I’ve learned how to delegate. It makes you a better wife and mom. You don’t have to be on a ladder in a warehouse, micromanaging. You can be at home.

“I love having a job where I can be in my office and look out the window and see my kids playing.

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