Gwen Quote in New Rolling Stone Article on Jimmy Iovine

Thanks to our good friend Heather from Greener Pastures for sharing,there is a quote from Gwen in an article about Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine in the April 12 issue of Rolling Stone;in it,Gwen refers to the term ”Jimmy Jail”(Gavin has used it in the past,as well) in which Iovine pushes Interscope artists to write one more song when they’re working on a record. Gwen says that can be intimidating,but at the same time you want to be part of his history and that he brings that out of you.

There’s this thing: ‘Jimmy Jail’, we call it, ” says No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani. “You’re writing a record, and it’s always ‘You’re not done. One more song.’ It’s intimidating. But you want to be part of his history. He brings that out of you.”

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