Starpool Covers ”Up Yours”!

Check out a video of Starpool,the band of former No Doubt member Alan Meade,covering old-school favorite ”Up Yours” during their recent concert at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana,California. It sounds really good!

EDIT: Here’s another video of the performance! Thanks a lot to our sweet friend Lisa for sending it! =)

Here’s a video of Alan performing the song with No Doubt at the self-titled record release party in 1992:

**UPDATE** This is really cool! Thanks to @OneMoreSummer for the heads up,longtime friend of the band Eric Keyes posted on the official No Doubt forum that he forwarded the video of Starpool covering ”Up Yours” to Alan Meade and Gwen,who both replied enthusiastically!!

I sent the link to Alan and he replied
“OMG! I didn’t know it was being filmed! But you never know who’s rolling! We only had 2 practices and it was a little rough hitting notes I used to hit when I was 17/18 but it was so much fun doing that song! I hope ND doesn’t think we butchered it too bad if they see it! LOL!”

I also forwarded it on to Gwen who replied with
“Wow insane! So happy for him :)”

I watched it again this morning so much fun and whoever the girl is did a great job too =)

It’s awesome Alan,Gwen and Eric were so excited about it-thanks as always to Eric Keyes for posting on the ND forum. 🙂

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