Promo Video for No Doubt’s Appearance on The Ellen Show

Thanks to our good friends at justnodoubt for sharing a promo video of No Doubt’s appearance on The Ellen Show tomorrow!!! Remember,the band will be on the show both tomorrow and Wednesday to be interviewed and perform ”Looking Hot”,”Spiderwebs.”,Settle Down” and ”Hella Good”

UPDATE: The Ellen Show has posted a preview of No Doubt’s interview airing tomorrow! It’s so cute to see Zuma playing guitar with the band during rehearsal!

Ellen: “So when you’re recording now, you all have kids. Are they at the studio? Is it whole different experience recording now?”

Gwen: “It was challenging. We would get together like three times a week and I tried all versions, where I would be like oh, today I’m going to bring them with me. And that didn’t work. And then I’d go okay, today I’m not going to see them and then I’ll work all day and then I’ll be with them tomorrow. It was just chaos trying to figure it all out. Which is one of the reasons it took as long as it did. Because I have to do that and I want to do that. But Zuma is here today and he’s okay, right? He’s chill.”

Tony: “He’s having fun.”

Gwen: “He played sound check with us so….”

Ellen: “He’s calmer here than at my house, by the way.”

Gwen: “At her house he was dunking his head in a bucket of ice water…”

[Clip of Zuma at sound check]

Ellen: “Zuma and Kingston, are they musical?”

Gwen: “Zuma is the one who is showing more interest in the guitar. But since he was tiny he always played the guitar. I mean he doesn’t really play the guitar but he thinks he does.”

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