Entertainment Tonight Video from the Set of No Doubt’s Target Commercial!

Entertainment Tonight has posted a video from the set of No Doubt’s commercial to promote the Target deluxe edition of the Push And Shove album!! As fans may recall,the band tweeted from the set of the commercial a while back! The set looks amazing-we can’t wait to see the commercial on TV!

No Doubt’s highly anticipated album Push and Shove comes out next Tuesday, and the deluxe edition features an unlikely collaboration.

Target is partnering with No Doubt to offer the deluxe edition of Push and Shove, which will include five exclusive tracks.

“Working with Target, you always know you’re going to get something great, because everyone’s so into it and motivated and inspired,” Gwen Stefani said on the set of the band’s commercial for the discount retailer.

In discussing the creative process for their first album in over a decade, Stefani said, “We were just trying to make a great record that had all of the inspirations that we love and just be really modern.”

Pre-orders of Push and Shove are currently available at Target.com. Watch the video for more.

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