L.A.M.B. Available at Searle Soon

Just saw this tweet from New York City-based retailer Searle:

@Searle_NYC Gwen Stefani comes to Searle. Keep your eyes out for the LAMB collection coming to searle any day now.

Apparantly L.A.M.B. will soon be available at Searle boutiques and website-store locator and more information about the store is HERE.

**UPDATE** L.A.M.B. is now officially available at Searle boutiques! The retailer just tweeted this pic:

@Searle_NYC Gwen Stefani will be proud. L.A.M.B. At Searle http://yfrog.com/h4w6ebcwj

L.A.M.B. is also featured on the mainpage of the retailer’s site!

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