Gwen Included in Fitness Magazine/Yahoo! Best Celeb Bodies Survey

Fitness Magazine and omg! From Yahoo recently teamed up to conduct a survey of 2,000 women and men to find out which celebs are in top shape. Gwen came in at #5 in the Best Female Celebrity Body Over 40 category,and #4 in the Best Body After Baby category,We think she should have been #1 in both categories,but we digress. 😉

Most Fit After Forty

Jennifer Aniston (25%) and Halle Berry (24%) virtually tie for first place in the vote for female celebrity with the best body over the age of 40. Men pick Jennifer as No. 1 (27%), and women pick Halle (27%). Aniston’s ex., Brad Pitt, was chosen as the male celebrity who has the best body over the age of 40 with 29% of the vote, followed by Will Smith with 24%.

Best Female Celebrity Body Over 40
1. Jennifer Aniston 25%
2. Halle Berry 24%
3. Jennifer Lopez 22%
4. Demi Moore 19%
5. Gwen Stefani 6 %
6. Courteney Cox 4 %

Best Body After Baby

A mother of two, Jennifer Lopez has the best body after a baby, 37% of respondents say, with women over 35 most likely to agree (47%).

1. Jennifer Lopez 37%
2. Jessica Alba 19%
3. Heidi Klum 17%
4. Gwen Stefani 10%
5. Penelope Cruz 9 %
6. Gisele Bundchen 7 %

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