No Doubt Tweets about Momiji Video

No Doubt has tweeted to remind fans about the video UK-based Japanese dollmaker Momiji posted on their blog about their recent trip to LA,the highlight of which was taking part in Gwen’s Harajuku-themed tea pary at Royal/T Cafe on June 7. We had posted about the video HERE.

Gwen’s friends at Momiji posted a fun video about their trip to LA for the charity event. Thanks @momijiHQ! Check it out

EDIT- The news has now been posted at forward to seeing photos of the Momiji dolls that were sent to the children in Japan,what a touching gesture by Gwen and Momiji!!

Gwen recently hosted a Harajuku-themed tea party for 200 loyal fans at Royal/T in Los Angeles. Through generous donations the event raised nearly $120,000 for Save The Children’s relief effort in Japan. To make the event extra special, Gwen invited her friends from the UK-based company Momiji to join the project. Momiji brought their super-kawaii, unique message dolls to the tea party where each attendee painted and wrote messages to the children in Japan who were affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. The Momiji crew created a video that documents their visit to the U.S. and their experience at the tea party, click here to watch it. To learn more about Momiji Dolls, check out Also, stay tuned for photos of the dolls that are now on their way to the kids in Japan.

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