New Tweets; Working on ”Undercover” Mix Today

Yay,Tom just tweeted that the band and Spike Stent are working on mixing ”Undercover” today-that will be the fifth song mixed!!! They are getting so close to finishing!

@beaconstreet @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd @gwenstefani Today’s mix: “Undercover” – 5 down!

WOW,Tom shared that band does now know what the first single will be,but that they need to keep it a secret a little longer-he promised that we will find out ”soonish”!!! He also revealed that ”Undercover” is an ”upbeat rocker”-sounds awesome!!

@nodoubter29 we do know that info now, but have to keep it secret for a little while longer. Soonish! 😉

@beaconstreet @nodoubt Upbeat rocker

@EITnd Undone is amazzzzing

Yay, No Doubt just tweeted a photo of Gwen being interviewed today for another upcoming webisode directed by Todd! We can’t wait to see more webisodes!

Webisode interview today

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