New Tweets: Tom Planning Gear with Donnie Spada

Tom tweeted a fan to say that he met with the band’s longtime friend and guitar tech Donnie Spada today to plan out his guitar gear for No Doubt’s upcoming TV performances-awesome! He also shared that band will be tweeting a lot from their video and photo shoots and rehearsals coming soon-we can’t wait!

@finfinfinney I met with (my gtr tech) Donnie today to plan out my gtrs, amps & fx pedals for upcoming ND TV performances. 🙂

@NXD2012 @tonykanal @gwenstefani @adrianyoungnd just wait for the video/photoshoot & rehearsal tweets! 🙂

@TomDumontND hell yes! “@GJ2Guitars: RT @EITnd: @TomDumontND looking forward to seeing your collaboration with @GJ2Guitars-amazing for sure! 🙂 ”

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