New Tweets: ”Sooo close folks!”

Aah,Tom is making us even MORE excited with his latest tweets!!!

@TomDumontND Sooo close folks!

@TomDumontND “@joeyishellagood: @TomDumontND Do you enjoy teasing us, Tom???” Sorry, just getting excited. 🙂

@TomDumontND “@AnthonyGorry: Loving today so much….MUSIC LOVE ..@markspikestent @nodoubt @tomdumontnd @adrianyoungnd i @tonykanal @gwenstefani” Me 2!

‏@TonyKanal I know I’ve said this before but @markspikestent showing u how 2 mix is like Ben Kenobi showing u how 2 use the Force

Jimmy Iovine is in the house! Ps: and so is my favorite hat 🙂 gx

Making music gx

@TomDumontND Tony: “Push and Shove” G’night folks!

@TomDumontND @NXD2012 mixing in April. release date unknown…

@TomDumontND @AntoinetteGags as soon as we get the date, we’ll let you know.

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