New Tweets: New Track Being Performed at TCA,Unsure About CD Release Show

Tom is once again replying to fans’ questions on Twitter;he confirmed that the band will be performing a new track at the Teen Choice Awards on July 22,and said that he isn’t sure yet if there will be a special release show for the new album-we hope so!

@TNativo @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd @gwenstefani Yes

“@utndfan: @TomDumontND Will @nodoubt be doing a CD Release show if so will fans be able to attend or will it be private?” Don’t know yet!

Tom confirmed to our friend Kenda that,as expected,the first single should be out by the time of ND’s Good Morning America performance on July 27:

@kendakist the single should be out by then

@TomDumontND @nodoubt playing some last minute acoustic on “Undone”

@TomDumontND @nodoubt

Fixing schtuff 🙂 “@beaconstreet: @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt Your shirt rocks, Tom. 🙂 Are you recording parts or adding new ones?”

yes! “@lorisalinas: @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @nodoubt Is “Undone” a ballad?”

wicked! “@redsoxnodoubt82: @TomDumontND hey Tom I’ll be seeing you guys in NYC for good morning America. Coming from Boston. Can’t wait!”

I’m a lumberjack. “@KieraJuku94: @TonyKanal @tomdumontnd @nodoubt always rocking the plaid shirts! ;)”

Mixing: Sparkle @markspikestent @nodoubt Sounds stoney

yes & killer Tbone solo! @GabrialMcNair“@nodoubternate: Does it have that reggae feel? @TomDumontND @markspikestent @nodoubt”

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