New Tweets: Listening Party with Todd and Friends!

Aaah,Gwen just tweeted that the band is having a listening party of the new album with her brother Todd and some friends! We wish we could be at that party!! Hope to see Todd’s webisodes soon!

Listening party w my creative chicks and rad brother Todd stefani 🙂 xx

Singing – send me vibes gx

Looks like Gwen may have just revealed another new song title-”Psycho”!!!

Studio at the end of the race – take 2 “Psycho” gx

Tom hinted to a fan that the in-studio webisodes will be debuting next week!!! Yay!

@nodoubtheart @gwenstefani @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd next week? shhhh

@kendakist Rock Steady was the only “easy” one. All the rest were hard 🙂

Tom confirmed that ”Psycho” is indeed a new song title-we appreciate all the updates!

@nfisteus @gwenstefani Oui

Wrapping up this week in the studio with vocals from @gwenstefani @nodoubt @markspikestent

@gwenstefani @TonyKanal @AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND In between vocal takes

@TonyKanal @TomDumontND Two men getting ready to brave Friday evening Los Angeles traffic

This one is so good I gotta tweet it again @TonyKanal

Have a great weekend! Gx

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