New Tweets: Gwen Excited About Settle Down’s Success!

Gwen has been going on a tweeting spree today,mentioning how exciting it was to hear ”Settle Down” on the radio this morning,replying to Hayley Williams and Spike Stent,who had also expressed their excitement about the song,and congratulating Tom,Tony and Adrian on the song’s success!! We too extend our deepest congratulations to No Doubt-like every other fan,we are absolutely thrilled over the song’s rapid rise on iTunes and critical and commercial success!!!

Turned on radio this morning and heard settle down! @RyanSeacrest was hooking it up!!! Thank u so exciting. Off the charts!! Gx

@yelyahwilliams so exciting to have new music come out!!

@yelyahwilliams so exciting to have new music come out!!

@markspikestent omg!! Settle down is out!!!! Yikes quick go buy it on iTunes gx thanks for making it happen x

@TonyKanal @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND what up?!!! The day has come!! Congrats freaks gx

Omg we r already #18 on iTunes !! Let’s go to #1 @GavinRossdale @TonyKanal @TomDumontND gx

Yay,now Tony and Adrian have tweeted! Hope the band has an awesome time at rehearsal today!!

@TonyKanal nothing like hearing your song for the first time on the radio!!! congratulations bandmates! @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND

Driving to rehearsal and heard #settledown on @kroq AND @ampradio!! Ear candy nonstop! gx

&@$+!!!!!!! Ya!!!!!!

omg so much radio love for #settledown! @987LA and @1043MYfm it’s like nonstop ear candy today!! gx

How awesome! Lady Gaga tweeted about ”Settle Down” and Gwen replied to her!!

@nodoubt single “Settle Down” is out. I just bought it! Go get it its so good! Band formed the year i was born! 1986 baby.

@ladygaga wow gaga muffin thanks for the shout out that’s big! Kiss from one Stefani to another gx

@GabrialMcNair @BaxterBeezy our compatriots in music we love them

Celebrating ‪#SettleDown‬ Release Day at rehearsal with the band! – T

@gwenstefani I keep hearing #settledown on the radio this is insane gx


Adrian just tweeted these pics!

Here we go. Rehearsing the new and the classics.

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