New Tweets from Tom! Mixing Starts Next Week,Single in July!!!!

Aaah,as if the announcement of the September 25 release date wasn’t incredibly exciting enough,Tom just tweeted that No Doubt starts mixing the album next week,which takes a month. The band will also shoot 2 videos,followed by rehearsals. He also revealed that the first single will be out in JULY,and that the first webisode will be released next week!!!!!! Tom also shared that the album-making process has been a long,fun journey,and that the band is really proud of the album and can’t wait to gear up for the release! We can’t wait,either,and wish ND the very best with mixing and everything else!!!! We can’t thank them enough for sharing all of this exciting news,and of course for all of their hard work and dedication to the new album!

@Tefrin we start mixing next week (takes a month,) gotta shoot 2 vids, rehearsals, single in July, webisode 1 next week, so much to do!

This has been a long fun journey, and we’re so really proud of the album & can’t wait to gear up for the release. So much good stuff ahead!

Tom just shared on Twitter with our good friend Geo that the album does not have a title yet;he also explained that the term ”cracking a code” for a song refers to finding the best,superior vibe for it:

@NXD2012 not yet

@NXD2012 it just means figuring out the superior, best vibe for it.

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