New Tweet: Tom Shredding Today in the Studio

Woo-hoo,hope Tom has fun shredding his latest awesome guitar riffs in the studio today!

This guy is in shred mode right now

Thanks SO much to ND for RT’ing a tweet from our friends at Beacon Street Online wishing our webmaster Fabio a Happy Birthday!!!! And congrats to huge fan Heather on the Happy Birthday RT,too! Tom also replied to our friends No Doubt Brazil and Nathan to say that the band has lost a few songs along the way,but is currently working on new songs 11 and 12 right now,: ”Undone” and another,as-yet-untitled,”super anthemic” song.

@beaconstreet @EITnd Happy Birthday Fabs!

@NoDoubtBrasil we’ve lost some along the way, but working on songs 11 and 12 now. -Tom

@nodoubternate both Undone and another brand new one, which is super anthemic, however yet to be titled. -Tom

@Heather_Shine @nodoubt today is my 15th birthday can I get a tweet please? I’m a big fan!

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