New Tweet: Gwen Raises Awareness of World Food Day

Gwen just tweeted a gorgeous photo of herself modeling a shirt designed by Michael Kors,who has partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to help fight global hunger today,World Food Day. Those who visit one of six participating Michael Kors stores (in New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro) today will receive a free “Watch Hunger Stop” T-shirt like the one Gwen is wearing and have your picture taken in its photo booth. The image (an animated GIF) will be texted to you so you can share it on your social networks using the hashtag #WatchHungerStop. Your image will be live-streamed to several digital billboards in Times Square in New York City, where thousands of people will be a part of the conversation. All the photos will also live on so you can print or share them when you’re done. For more information,please visit Kors’s website. Thanks to Gwen and everyone taking part in World Food Day for raising awareness of such a life-saving cause!


Michael Kors tweeted to thank Gwen for raising awareness:

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