More Studio Tweets Today!

LOL,Love that Goonies shirt! Hope ND has an awesome day in the studio!!

Our engineer Matty wins the “best t-shirt of the day” contest

Talk about the magic of technology! No Doubt is having another hi-tech studio session today-Gwen is working on ”Dreaming the Same Dream” with the guys from London!!Tom also revealed to a fan that ND is working in a new studio every month-this month,it’s a studio in Santa Monica. Wishing the band the very best in the studio today!! Thanks to them for all the updates!

London calling! Gwen working on “Dreaming The Same Dream” with us from England – Tony

Spike Stent is in a good mood

new studio every month! Santa Monica for January-Tom “@nodoubter29: @nodoubt G are you in the studio the band used for ROCK STEADY?”

@yelyahwilliams @Paramore heard Decode on the radio today on the way to the studio and thought of y’all. Happy new year! -Tom

Hayley replied to No Doubt:

@nodoubt happy new year to you too!! We might be out there soon, would love to see you and ur fam! Take care XXXOOO

@nodoubt can I get a tweet? I love you all! Xoxo

Aw,we hope Gwen can go back home soon-thanks to her for tweeting!!

Can’t wait to get home and inn the studio w u guys!! I’m sooooo left out over here gx

@melissadames cross process

Gwen we’re gonna Skype you in 10. New chord idea for Dreaming! Try to stay up

Gwen!!! We love you! Could you give a retweet for the Brazilian fan club! @nodoubt we, brazilians, will always be with you! :DDD

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  1. q00q says:

    Hmm, what do you think they meant by “we, brazilians”?


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