Gwen Tweets from the Set of Her Latest L’Oreal Shoot!

Aw,Gwen just tweeted from the set of her latest L’Oreal shoot-she’s been on the set for 13 hours,we hope she can go home soon!! We had posted a photo from the set of her shoot in LA the other day here. She looks gorgeous!! We cannot wait to see her new ads!!

Shooting loreal 13 hours in set so far!! Help! Gx

Shoot me gx

So cool-she posted a short video from the set-we spy Danilo!! She looks stunning!

Gwen posted another video! She is so cute! Sophie Muller is on the set,apparantly directing the shoot,which might explain why she flew back to LA from London with Gwen last week. (Sophie previously directed Beyonce’s L’Oreal commercial.)

Aw,Gavin is playing an acoustic show with Bush tonight at the Hollywood Tower,and Gwen sweetly apologized for not being able to go-we’re sure Gavin understands!

@GavinRossdale @LOrealParisUSA G Missing your show for loreal sorry gx

I’m done !! Night gx

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