Gabe McNair Tweets about Tragic Events

Gabe McNair has posted on his personal twitter about the horrific terrorist attacks in Norway that have left over 90 people dead,and about the sad reports that singer Amy Winehouse has died in London at the age of 27. Gabe’s wife Lene is Norwegian,the couple have lived in Norway,and Gabe’s other band is named Oslo. We are keeping Gabe and his family and of course the entire nation of Norway in our hearts and thoughts,and send condolences to the family,friends and fans of Amy Winehouse-yet another tragic loss of life and talent much too soon.

I can’t believe what just happened in Norway! Norway? Really?

…and then we just got word that Amy Winehouse left us as well.

Erin and Mieke sent their heartfelt well wishes to the people of Norway,as well,via @thingsweheart:

Sending love to all the people of Norway as well. Such a beautiful country with such amazing people. We are so sorry.

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