Another ND Tweeting Spree from the Studio!

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Adrian checking his AOL. (lol) -Tom

I’m back hi gx

Just sang dreaming the same dream gx

EDIT-OMG,we are SO incredibly honored-No Doubt Retweeted another of our tweets and is following us on Twitter! Thank you,ND!!!

@NoDoubt Thanks as always for ALL the tweets & pics from the studio! We love you & hope you are having fun tonight!

Gwen is tweeting SO many pics-and even posted a couple of short Twitvids!! We are LOVING IT!!!!

It’s Tom’s turn to decide where we’re ordering food from tonight. Tom, please decide. We’re all starving. Tony

dear gwen we need to finish the lyrics for gravity. now. respectfully, tony

i’m too busy right now filming a video for twatter – gwen

Hugo’s. I’ll have the avocado hummus wrap. -Tom

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