A Fan Tweets About Meeting Gwen in NYC

Earlier today,we had ReTweeted the tweet of a fan whose co-worker had spotted Gwen at LAX,apparantly boarding a flight to New York. Now tonight,a lucky fan in NYC named Fatima tweeted about meeting Gwen-she said that she was in an elevator with Gwen and her kids and that Gwen told her that she had ”the most beautiful eyes ever!” The fans was understandably so starstruck she couldn’t reply to Gwen,but it was so sweet of Gwen to pay her that compliment! We hope Gwen enjoys her time in NYC and has a safe trip home!

@tomah_ OMG OMG !!!!!! Gwen stefani told me I have the most beautiful eyes !!!!

@tomah_ I’m shakinggg!!!!!! I was in the elevator with her and her kids when she said that #gwenstefani #starstruck

@tomah_Gwen: you have the most beautiful eyes ever! Me: *looks around* *speechless*

@tomah_ Who would believe that a singer would say that!!!! C’mon!!! #gwenstefani

@tomah_ I went to my mom crying, I litrally was about to faint 😐

@tomah_Ok! Now I regret not talking back to her! ☹

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