9 Song Titles!

We just want to do a quick recap of the songs that No Doubt has tweeted about:

Dreaming the Same Dream
One More Summer
Push and Shove
Settle Down

Just think, soon all of us will know these by heart and be singing along live in concert!! We are so beyond excited! Thank you No Doubt for everything you guys do and keeping us updated, it really helps connect the fans 🙂

Here is what we know about some of the tracks:

lyrics: “Things are feeling right / All systems are go / You’re nice company”

One More Summer
lyrics: “One more summer, one more weekend / You’re my lover, I’m your weakness. ”
-A catchy driving-with-the-top-down single featuring synths, hand claps, and New Order-esque guitars. (Entertainment Weekly)
-Updates the band’s ska-pop sound with pounding dance beats, arena-size guitars, and a beyond catchy chorus. (Rolling Stone)
-Gwen promises it will become a hit. (Elle)
-Has guitar solo from Tom.

Settle Down
lyrics: “I’m-a rough and tough / Nothin’s gonna knock this girl down.” (Entertainment Weekly)
-Previously called “Get A Hold On This”
-Tom says it’s a “Jamaican steet vibe”. He also promises it is Wicked with a capital W
-Under a dancehall beat (think the band’s 2001 smash “Hey Baby”) (Entertainment Weekly)
-Party-ready reggae blast featuring Stefani’s toasting skills (Rolling Stone)

Thanks to the No Doubt Community & No Doubt on Twitter for this!

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