New Tweets: Headed to Vegas for iHeartRadio Music Festival

The band is tweeting that they are headed to Las Vegas today for their opening performance at the iHeartRadio Music Frestival at the MGM Grand tomorrow night!! We wish them safe travels and an awesome show! @GabrialMcNair Las Vega$, Here I come! @baxterbeezyCold chillin @GabrialMcNair Hello, Vegas! Steve Bradley

Video: Steve Bradley Playing Trumpet in Fog and Smog’s ”Berkeley Enough”

Steve Bradley revealed on his Twitter earlier tonight that he played trumpet on the song ”Berkely Enough” by Southern California-based group Fog and Smog-he can be seen at 3:43 below in the music video for the song. @BaxterBeezy: That was hella fun!!!!!RT @FogandSmog: S/O to @LaeCharles and @BaxterBeezy on the