Mobile Monday

We are at week 11. This week we will be using the spread of Gwen in the October issue of Elle UK. Hope you guys enjoy this fairy tale-esque theme. Android (moveable) Android (stationary) iPhone/iPod Touch

May 2011 US ELLE Outtake

Thanks so much to our good friend Anne at for finding and sharing a never-before-seen outtake from Gwen’s May 2011 US ELLE covershoot-it is absolutely gorgeous!! Anne also added HQs of the shoot.

Elle Magazine

thanks to NxDScrapbook for helping me out 🙂 Underneath it all In the early days of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani – all fierce and fabulous – was already superwoman. Now she’s supermom, superbrand, and still bringing it onstage with the force of a superstar. By Aaron Gell It seems impossible