CNN Rates Celebrity Fashion Labels

In a new article at rating celebrity fashion labels, L.A.M.B. is praised for being an authentic line,thanks to Gwen having such sturdy fashion credentials and being a longtime style icon! We couldn’t agree more and are always happy when Gwen and L.A.M.B. receive such well-deserved praise.

From the multi-million dollar empires of pop-singers-cum-fashion-moguls P. Diddy and Jessica Simpson to the quietly shelved apparel of Lindsay Lohan and “Sex in the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker, the celebrity fashion game is rarely a predictable business.

According branding expert Tim Jeffrey, celebrity clothing brands are particularly mercurial because their success is so closely aligned to just one individual — whose popularity can slump at the drop of a finely tailored hat.

“Before they start, they really have to ask themselves why they want to do it in the first place,” says Jeffrey, who works for international brand consultancy firm “i-am.”

“The principle of celebrity ranges is sound, as long as the star in question can add value” he says. “For instance, look at Fred Perry. Here’s a tennis star who could draw on his knowledge and expertise to create a credible sportswear brand that has endured even beyond his own life and career.”

It’s a view shared by Bruce Ross, president and CEO of specialist marketing consultancy Celebrity Fashion Group.

Tim Jeffrey, branding consultant”Success or failure in this industry boils down to one word: Authenticity,” he says. “Consumers aren’t stupid and they can generally tell when a celebrity is just doing it for the money while having no interest in the product.”

Ross cites singers Gwen Stefani and Beyonce Knowles as stars with sturdy fashion credentials.

Stefani is an established style icon, he says, who was known for concocting her own designs long before creating her label L.A.M.B.

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