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Tom talked to Australia’s about the band’s upcoming tour,saying that there is ”a 99% chance” they will travel to Australia next year-fingers crossed for all you Aussie fans!

Following the release of their first album in eleven years, Push and Shove, No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont has almost guaranteed the ska-pop heavyweights will be headed our way sometime in the near future, according to The Music.

Dumont has all but announced a tour, using the members’ kids as wriggle room in saying, “Will we come to Australia? There is a 99% chance we’ll get down there, as soon as we figure the kids thing out.”

It’s been a long time since Australian fans have had the opportunity to party to the likes of ‘Just A Girl,’ ‘Hey Baby,’ and ‘Hella Good.’ The “break” they decided to take after 2001′s Rock Steady ended up stretching on for over a decade, with singer Gwen Stefani embarking on a massive solo career and guitarist Tom Dumont branching off into his less successful side project, Invincible Overlord.

But the group have returned with a vengeance, releasing poppy new single ‘Settle Down’ and playing a series of shows across America and Europe.

In fact, the only thing keeping the nineties institution from a definite Australian tour at this stage is figuring out what to do with the kids.

“It has been a while and the big difference for us, during that time apart, everybody started families – Gwen obviously did, but all of us started having kids as well,” Dumont said.

“Going into this album, that was the big difference in our lives – we’d grown up and in the old days, the band was always number one for everybody, our first priority and the fun thing we did with our lives. And now the band is kept second really – we all want to be really part of it as parents and everything – the writing schedule, everything, is impacted by that; we just work less,” said the guitarist.

“The thing is, that’s really great as well because you don’t get as burnt out, we don’t work as much as we used to in that sense, whether it be in the studio or promotion,” adds Dumont.

He went on to say that their commitments “impacted how long it took to make the record” as well as their touring plans. “In Gwen’s case, she usually has her kids with her – she’s the mom and we need to make allowances for that. The guys have wives at home so that makes it a little easier on us.”

You can read the Tone Deaf verdict on Push and Shove here before you catch them when they tour. If they can find a long-term babysitter that is…

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