Another CBS Local Interview with No Doubt

CBS Local has posted yet another interview with No Doubt,in which Gwen and Tony talk about gearing up for an upcoming world tour and rehearsing the new songs-LOL at Gwen ”Jazzercising”!

No Doubt are gearing up for a world tour to support their forthcoming album, Push and Shove and it’s a longer process than you’d think. The band talked to CBS Local and divulged that they’re already practicing their new songs — while Gwen’s practicing her Jazzercise.

The California natives started out, however, by discussing their long history with oranges. The fruit took a starring role on their debut album cover, as well as in early videos, as a symbol of their Orange County roots.

“We were just talking about the orange thing, because Sophie Mueller directed our ‘Settle Down’ video and she directed our ‘Don’t Speak’ video…In that video I’m holding a rotten orange,” guitarist Tony Kanal said. “She made me hold an orange in this new video to symbolize how far we’ve come and how great things are now. We’re having such an amazing time. We had a great time making this record. We’re having an amazing time promoting this record. We can’t wait to play these songs live. It’s all coming full circle. It’s all coming full orange.”

For them, history does sometimes repeat. Another thing they have a long history with is the road. They may be ready to get back on it, but they’re not ready to tell us which bands they’re looking at to open for them, insisting they haven’t made all the plans.

“Oh my gosh. We were just dreaming about touring right now,” singer Gwen Stefani said. “The thing is we’re trying to enjoy the moment of now, just having the record come out. I guess the ultimate goal would be to tour the entire world. And that’s where we’re headed, but we have no super plan yet.”

The band decided to get back together after a series of tour dates fueled their interest in writing new songs, but they’re still readying new
material from Push and Shove for audiences.

“We’re starting to rehearse and learn these new songs, which is really exciting and hard but hilarious at the same time. I’ve been doing the set and — Tony calls it Jazzercising,” Stefani laughs. “You have to understand that singing and dancing is an impossible thing to do, right? You have to work up to it and get your fitness on.”

Stefani is known for her visceral live performances and she won’t let it slide for the next No Doubt tour, even if it does result in teasing by her bandmates.

“We were rehearsing the other day and there was somebody from the L.A. Times there, doing a story on us,” Kanal says. “We had to preface it and say, ‘Randy, just so you know, what you’re about to see on stage is not going to be the actual show because Gwen’s going to be Jazzercising for the next hour just to get her stamina up.’”

“If I can sing the song and keep cardio going the entire time then I know that I’ll be able to do it live,” Stefani elaborates. “That’s what my little thing is that I’ve always done, trying to sing and keep the heart rate going.”

“It’s a good workout. You could release workout DVDs of how to sing and dance and Jazzercise at the same time,” Kanal teases her.

She’ll be past Jazzercise by the time you see them live and possibly on to a new career in fitness. No Doubt will play a five night stand at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on November 24, 26, 28, 30 and December 2.

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