Harajuku Mini Launch Party at Jim Henson Studios in LA Today!

Thanks so much to @AlexandraBesore for the info,we have learned that Gwen’s Harajuku Mini launch party today will be held at the Jim Henson Studios in LA! We assume the event is invite-only,but we will keep you posted on any news,photos and updates on the launch! We are SO excited for Gwen and her whole Harajuku Mini team and hope that everyone at the party has a blast!!

RT @AlexandraBesore: Harajuku Mini for Target Launch Party at Jim Hensen Studios! Hope I get to meet Gwen Stefani! 😉 #StyleIcon

Thanks to our friends at Beacon Street Online and AJ,check out out some first photos from outside the Harajuku Mini party at the Jim Henson Studios! The decorations are so cool and colorful! We will keep posting updates throughout the evening!

Here’s a photo of the crowd gathering outside the Studios-thanks to Morgan @the818!

Here are photos of an adorable child model named Nikiko getting ready for the Harajuku Mini launch party-how cool is it that Danilo is doing her hair?!

Thanks to AJ for sharing on facebook,here’s a first photo of Gwen at the party-she looks GORGEOUS!! Congrats to AJ on getting a photo with her!
Thanks Morgan aka @the818 for sharing this photo of Gwen at the Harajuku Mini launch-she looks AMAZING!!

YAY,the guys of No Doubt and their families are there at the launch party!!

RT @KerryFitzPR: Great celebration for Gwen. The @nodoubt crew is here is celebrate her @target launch as well! http://twitter.com/KerryFitzPR/status/135505775752781825/photo/1

Aw,thanks to @NODOUBTNEWS for sharing a photo he took of Tony,Erin and baby Coco arriving at the party:

Here are more photos from inside the launch party-it’s so adorable how Gwen posed with the Harajuku Mini models!!

Aw,how precious-Zuma joined Gwen on the runway during the Harajuku Mini launch finale!!

RT @KerryFitzPR: Big Harajuku Mini finale for @target. GWEN is amazing. http://twitter.com/KerryFitzPR/status/135514002980745218/photo/1

Aw,thanks to Morgan for sharing,Kingston apparantly walked the catwalk at the Harajuku Mini launch!!

RT @the818: Kingston Rossdale on his Mama’s catwalk. http://instagr.am/p/T5TPw/

Aw,Zuma AND Kingston joined Gwen on the runway during the Harajuku Mini finale!!


RT @ariannephillips: What we were eating at the harajuku mini launch http://yfrog.com/ocazbvnj

Aw,what a sweet tweet from Erin and Mieke-hope they and their families had a wonderful time at the party!!!!

RT @thingsweheart: Congrats mama g @nodoubt amazingly stupendously fantasmix. Dying to have our bunnies wear everything. So good Of course it is…it’s yours

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