Super G HL Fragrance at Perfume Shop July 27!

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There had been rumors recently of a supposedly new,limited-edition Harajuku Lovers fragrance called ”Super G”;we didn’t want to say anything until we could provide some confirmation of its legitimacy since it seemed to only be available on ebay,but now UK-based company The Perfume Shop has confirmed that the fragrance will be available starting July 27!! The bottle is absolutely adorable!!

We’ve got a very exciting exclusive preview for you all now. So, we know how much you love Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers collection and we can reveal that there’s soon to be a new addition – Super G!

Here’s a sneak peek for you! Available from 27th July … we love them too much!! 🙂

More info about the new scent from Fragrantica:

Super G joins the cute Harajuku Girls perfume collection by Gwen Stefani. G represents Gwen, this time dressed as a super heroine. Super G is designed as sparkly and flirtatious cocktail of floral and fruity notes.

Juicy and exotic yellow pineapple opens the composition together with citrus splash of tangerine. The heart features yellow freesia enriched with banana juice. Warm musky notes are in the base, supplemented by sweet vanilla and raspberry.

Super G is a limited edition, available as 30 ml EDT. Super G was launched in 2011.

Thanks to I♥ND,check out a bigger version of the photo of the bottle HERE.

**UPDATE** The Harajuku Lovers Fragrance facebook page has now posted that the Super G scent will be hitting stores this August! Congrats to Gwen and her HL team on launching yet another scent that is sure to be a huge success! 🙂

Since a few of you have asked….Super G will be the next new fragrance from Harajuku Lovers.

She’s is a modern-day superhero fighting to bring super kawaii to you all the time. And will be flying into stores in August 2011!
EDIT-Yay,the new scent is already getting rave reviews from BellaSugar:

In news of things both unbearably cute and beauty related, Gwen Stefani continues to roll out increasingly adorable, quirky “dolls” in her Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection. The latest limited-edition scent is Super G, which will fly into stores in August. I love all her little superheroine details, from the tie on her cape to the heart cutouts on her mask.

According to the Harajuku Lovers Facebook page, Super G is “a modern-day superhero fighting to bring super kawaii to you all the time.” So what does super smell like? Very, very fruity and tropical, with notes that include pineapple, mandarin orange, freesia, banana, vanilla, and raspberry. (Sounds like a smoothie to me.) As a huge comic book dork, I’m going to have a hard time resisting this one. But what do you think? Is Super G a smell-fighter you want on your dressing table? And to get a super close look at the Super G doll, just keep reading.

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