Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Custom Kenda Kist Jewelry!

We are so excited for this giveaway! Our good friend Kenda has her own amazing jewelry line and has made a custom No Doubt piece to giveaway on EIT! Make sure to check out her website: and like her on Facebook. This is right in time for Valentine’s Day!

Contest starts today, January 22, 2013 and runs until February 4, 2012 EST. Kenda will ship out the piece by February 7, 2013. Follow the widget at the bottom of this post for entries!

A little about Kenda:

Kenda Kist jewelry is hand-crafted and designed by NC based artist, Kenda Kistemacher. Since her childhood in Muscatine Iowa, her unique collection flourished from the inspiration by found objects, crafting them into something new. Shortly after graduating from East Carolina University with a concentration in metal design, Kenda started a small signature collection. With growing popularity Kenda Kist jewelry was born. Every piece is made with delicate craftsmanship and designed to give you a classic style served up with a funky twist, timeless enough to wear at any age.

Be sure to visit her website,, and find yourself a great piece of jewelry and help support her amazing talents! Everyone at EIT thanks Kenda very much for this great opportunity and giveaway! Good Luck everyone!!

This is the gorgeous No Doubt pendant she is giving away! Good luck!

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34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Custom Kenda Kist Jewelry!

  1. Tabitha says:

    Sparkle is my favorite song currently – although it’s so hard to choose just one! The feel of the song is really special.

  2. megan says:

    I CANNOT believe how perfect this pendant is! I’m blown away. I love the matte brushed finish.

  3. Lindsay says:

    definately settle down is my favorite and I think it’s because I can relate to it the most. I know what it’s like to be pulled in so many directions all at the same time and they all are equally as important as the other. Its tough and you justwant everyone involved to chill out and wait their turn! not to mention it was No doubts first single and I waited so long to hear it and even stayed up to 3am New York time to finally hear it. so its sentimental for me

  4. Katie says:

    Not only do I love Push and Shove, but I have mad respect for Kenda and her jewelry line. I would be so stoked to win her custom necklace!!!

  5. Casey says:

    I’ve got my eye on a few of her pieces as is. the ND pendant is awesome!

  6. Pchorsedoc says:

    Hard to choose one but Settle Down is my choice because
    its so fun!

  7. Nicole says:

    This is AWESOME! I hope I’m the lucky winner 😀

  8. dyylannn says:

    DTSD is probably my favorite song from P&S (but it’s practically tied with the title track!) because it really nails the whole sound the band was going for with the album, and I love the lyrics 🙂

  9. RokkSteadyND says:

    Sparkle is definitely my fave song on the album, to me it sounds like classic No Doubt. I’m in love with Reggae and I really enjoy listening to this song!

  10. Brittany says:

    Push and Shove is my favorite song on the album because it sounds like a mesh between all era’s of No Doubt and Major Lazer’s touch is always golden. I can listen to the song over and over and I have..Not sure my boyfriend still likes the song though since he’s heard it a trillion times lol.

  11. Jolyne says:

    My fav song is Push and Shove. It just makes me happy, want to get up and dance and sing! ND <3

  12. Emily says:

    My favorite song from Push & Shove is definitely the title track! It always gets me pumped up and puts me in a great mood!

  13. Kiera says:

    This is hard, but my most favorite song off Push and Shove is a tie between Sparkle, Heaven, and Push and Shove. These three songs are very different, and shows the variety the album has. Sparkle is a beautiful song about losing someone you once loved, which is very meaningful. Push and shove is so fun and upbeat, and Heaven is also so funky!

  14. Elizabeth Jarvis says:

    Geeeeet in line & settle down is my fave song off the new album!

  15. Julia says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! It’s got a very musical and definite No Doubt vibe. It reminds me of a guitar pic, and the rasta colors really make it pop, but they don’t over power it. It’s a great unisex design that can be worn with all kinds of things. So cool!!

  16. Julia says:

    And now I shall leave a post for the actual contest. I just really liked the necklace lol.

    Even though I didn’t really like it the first time I heard it, I think Push and Shove is currently my favorite. I just can’t get over the “you work it haaaaarddd….” section, it’s just really full of soul and awesome. I mean the whole chorus is, but that beginning of it and the sound change just gets to me.

  17. Brianna says:

    My favorite song off Push and Shove is the title track. It is so fresh and original. It has really grown on me and is the stand out track on the album.

  18. Aubrey says:

    My favorite song off Push and Shove is a tie between Heaven and Sparkle, although I do love all of them! Those two just make me the happiest 🙂

  19. Katelyn says:

    The whole album is bitchin ear candy! Can’t pick… But push and shove sounds like glory in my car!!!!

  20. Vanessa says:

    I love One More Summer. It shows the way No Doubt has missed being together and how they kept “rewinding” to the past of being together. I also just love the song altogether. By the way the pendant is so BEAUTIFUL! I would love to have it.

  21. Amanda L says:

    My favorite song off of Push and Shove is most definitely “Easy”! I feel such a strong connection and happy vibe whenever I hear this song. Other than the released singles, Easy was the first sample preview I heard before the album’s release and I have been in love ever since. Btw, I LOVE this KendaKist pendant!!

  22. Rosie Buentiempo says:

    I LOVE this piece that Kenda did! Super cute, very ND and exclusive! I need this around my neck 🙂

  23. Roxy says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite! I really love Sparkle and Undone- I love how they sound and I can relate to the lyrics.

  24. megan says:

    I’m addicted to Easy. I sing it to my son and he knows to say the wooah. too sweet!

  25. virgil jones says:

    I would have to say push and shove is my favorite. I love the lyrics, the beat, i love how you can just dance crazy to the beat, than get all down and dirty dancing to the chorus.

  26. Valeska says:

    My fav song is Undone. Also because i love to play it with my guitar.

  27. kristen says:

    Push and Shove is the best song because it has ADD and is a hot mess of insanity… future ska!

  28. Julieta says:

    It’s so difficult to choose one song…I can say that my fav song is ‘Push and shove’ because It’s the most powerful one, It’s energetic and epic!! but I also love ‘Dreaming the same dream’…A beautiful song with an awesome lyric… ♥

  29. jess franklin says:

    it’s hard to chose but i think one more summer is my favourite. I love the energy nd have, and although this is a slower song i feel it just as much. I think gwen sings her heart out and i can hear so much emotion and sorrow. One night at like 3am i just listened to it on repeat for about an hour because it made me sad but happy and comforted at the same time.

    ah i have so much to say about each song. ps. this is one of the most beautiful necklaces i’ve ever seen im being genuine i love it so much a lot of talent!


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