UK Fans,Create Your Own G Fragrance Bottle!

create3This is so cute for all you UK fans! When you buy any Harajuku Lovers fragrance fom,you get a free customisable “Create a G” fragrance cap that comes with markers and stickers that let you design your own one of a kind G! You can then upload a photo of your finished G to Escentual’s Facebook page to have the chance of winning £50 to spend at does offer worldwide delivery). Good luck to any fans who place an order and submit their G cap!

From Chic Beauty Blog:
Following the launch of the new “G of the Sea” fragrance from Harajuku Lovers-
I was sent this little *G* to decorate 🙂

Harajuku Lovers is a fragrance brand created by the gorgeous Gwen Stefani!

The little *G* comes free when you purchase any Harajuku fragrance from
You can decorate your doll and upload them to and the best design wins £50 to spend on the site.

Here’s how she looked before

Pretty bare I think you might agree.

You receive little stickers and colouring pens.

So I set upon creating my own little Geisha G!

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