Tweet Birthday Wishes to Adrian & Tony!

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As everyone probably knows,Adrian and Tony’s birthdays are coming up-Adrian’s birthday on August 26,and Tony’s on August 27.To help the fans wish the guys a Happy Birthday,I♥ND from the official No Doubt forum has created two Twitter accounts so the fans can Tweet birthday messages.George(ndbuddy from the forum) is creating special backgrounds for each of the accounts,which should be up shortly.In the meantime,if you have Twitter,be sure to follow these two accounts and spread the word to all ND fans you know so that we can all wish Adrian and Tony a very Happy Birthday!!

EDIT-To those who don’t have a twitter account, please leave your Birthday wishes in THIS thread on the No Doubt forum;your messages will be added to the Twitter accounts along with your forum username. Feel free to also add images/e-cards (they can be uploaded with twitpic).Also,if your Twitter accounts are set to private,maybe you can set them to public for now so that your messages can be seen on the birthday Twitter accounts. 🙂

EDIT again-YAY,The icons and backgrounds have been uploaded! George did an AMAZING job!

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