Tony is Animal Acres' Activist of the Month!

Thanks to Nathan from the official forum for sharing,Tony has been named Activist of the Month by Animal Acres! Animal Acres is a sanctuary for farm animals,and is Tony’s chosen charity for the No Doubt Ebay Charity Auction,which has just gone live.Much congrats to Tony,and much thanks to him and the rest of the band for always being so charitable! 😀

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This month, we are honored to recognize Tony Kanal for being an outstanding voice for farmed animals. Tony is the bassist for the band, No Doubt – and he is spreading the message of compassion for all beings to millions of fans throughout the world.

This month, Tony chose Animal Acres as the benefit charity for the No Doubt online auction. To support Animal Acres and get No Doubt memorabilia – from costumes worn by Gwen Stefani to instruments they played on stage – visit: The auction is being held from June 1 to June 11th.

Tony recently became an Animal Acres member and volunteer – and when we asked him if we could feature him as our “Activist of the Month”, his first reply was that he hadn’t done enough barn cleanings yet! This kind and humble rocker, producer, and songwriter is also one heck of a mucker, and we are deeply grateful that he is dedicating his tremendous talents, resources, and compassion for Animal Acres. Thank you Tony, from your biggest fans at Animal Acres – the cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals that YOU helped save.

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