The Best Celebrity Must-Haves of All Time

Yay,Gwen has been included in StyleList’s gallery of The Best Celebrity Must-Haves of All Time for her trademark red lipstick.

What makes a celebrity into a fashion icon? While impeccable taste certainly helps, consistently donning a garment or accessory that soon becomes a signature is the real key.

Here, some of the most iconic women in history and their hallmark statement piece — from Michelle Obama’s vibrant cardigans and Gwen Stefani’s blazing red lips to Nicole Richie’s hippie head wraps and Jackie O’s oversize shades.

Gwen Stefani: Red Lipstick
Songstress and L.A.M.B. designer Gwen Stefani knows a good thing when she sees it. That’s why she hasn’t taken off her blazin’ cherry-red lipstick since the video for breakout hit “Just A Girl” in 1995. But seeing as it plays perfectly off of her pinup-ready black-winged eyes and alabaster skin, we can’t really blame her.

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