Spinner's Best Memorial Songs

From Spinner.com(thanks to Keira for the link):
Some artists are at their best when they’re down, their heavy emotions resulting in honest, soul-baring songs. The death of a friend or loved one can be particularly inspiring, with the resulting song serving as both a eulogy for the deceased and therapy for the living. With Memorial Day in the US becoming a time to remember all loved ones who have passed away — not just those who gave their lives in military service — we look at some of the most memorable songs written about the dearly departed.

‘Wonderful Life,’ Gwen Stefani
When she was 14, Stefani’s boyfriend — her first kiss — introduced her to Depeche Mode. Later, years after the ex-boyfriend committed suicide, Stefani wrote this 2006 techno dance song in his honor, asking, “How could you think you were better off?” In the ultimate tribute to her former friend, she had Depeche Mode guitarist Martin Gore contribute to the track.

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