Shirley Manson Praises Gwen in a New Interview

Aw,we love this! Thanks to I♥ND from the ND forum for finding and sharing a new Ponystep interview with Garbage in which frontwoman Shirley Manson praises Gwen,saying that she respects her ”tremendously” and that she thinks Gwen has always ”navigated her career with unbelievable grace and skill.” Shirley has had nothing but kind words for Gwen in the past,as well-we love them both and hope to see Garbage and No Doubt perform together again in the future.

Are there any other artists in the music industry that you particularly relate to? It feels exciting that Garbage and No Doubt – two very different bands, but both successful groups from the 1990s fronted by strong, distinctive women – are both returning this year.

Oh, you know I love Gwen! Gwen and I are peers, we grew up together in this industry and we’ve shared a stage together more times than I’d care to mention. I respect her tremendously and I think she’s navigated her career with unbelievable grace and skill.

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