Rave Review of Gwen's L'Oreal Hair Color Ad

From FashionEtc.

Talk about blonde ambition …

Gwen Stefani is putting her signature platinum hair to good use in a new TV commercial for the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color line.

The ad sees the singer/L.A.M.B. designer, who joins Jennifer Lopez as a spokeswoman for the beauty brand, whipping her hair around as she touts the product’s “rock steady shine.”

Stefani wears a gold top as well as a black suit—her song “Luxurious” playing in the background—while modeling hairstyles ranging from a sleek high ponytail to perfectly tousled Marilyn Monroe waves.

The sleek ad is in sharp contrast to her earlier, bolder commercial for the Infallible Le Rouge 10-Hour Lip Color, which saw the singer sporting red, white, and black ensembles as she scrawled “Because we’re worth it” in red lipstick and chewed on diamonds and cherries with her scarlet lips.

Your move, Lopez.

EDIT-More praise from RDKHair Blog:

Gwen Stefani’s experimented with a whole lot of different styles since the days of No Doubt. But besides the neon pink hair she rocked back in the ’90s, platinum blonde has always been her trademark color. So, is there any better blonde to join Jennifer Lopez as a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris? Definitely not.

Gwen’s new commercial for L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color is a flawless combination of music and beauty. While her song “Luxurious” plays in the background, the blonde bombshell shows off her own luxurious platinum locks in a variety of hairstyles – perfect waves, a smooth blow-out and a high, sleek ponytail. Gwen even touts L’Oreal Hair Color’s “Rock Steady Shine,” a totally awesome reference to a great No Doubt song.

From StyleList:

Have you seen Gwen Stefani’s new commercial for L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color?

Talk about 40 and fabulous! OK, 41 to be exact.

While we’re usually focused on the pop star’s signature bright red lips, this time we couldn’t take our eyes off her gorgeous blond locks. As a matter of fact, Stefani didn’t even wear the Ravishing Red lipstick she did in her last L’Oréal ad. But who cares, she still rocked the set!

Worn in a variety of styles from long waves to a short, voluminous bob to a high ponytail, the songstress flung her platinum-blond hair around, enticing women with her “rock steady shine.” We’re loving all of the different looks, but especially the curls.

Whether it’s her voice, her lips or her hair, this rocker mom knows how to take center stage. She’s a natural. Then again, if we had locks as luscious as hers, we’d be twirling our hair around too!

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