Past Audio Interviews with Tom & Tony

tomtony2I found past audio interviews with Tony and Tom at addition to listening to the interviews,you can download them at that site,as well. The 16-minute interview with Tony is from 1997 when No Doubt was touring in London;Tony talks about,among other things,his childhood in London,No Doubt’s early days and energetic live shows,the Orange County punk scene in the 90’s,ska,and the meaning of the ”Tragic Kingdom” song. Tom’s 15-minute interview is from 2000,just after the release of Return of Saturn,when No Doubt was touring in Europe;Tom talks about such things as the making of the Return of Saturn album,touring in Europe,No Doubt’s history and the chemistry among the band members,Gwen’s emergence as a songwriter,and the story behind the orchestral version of ”Too Late”. Enjoy!

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