New Tweet:Gwen Posing with her Wax Figure!

Aww,SO cool!Looks like they combined one of the summer 2009 looks with the hairstyle Gwen had at the 2006 Billboards(”rockabilly meets Cinnabon”,she called it,lol) and also the extensions she rocked during the Rock Steady era! Amazing-much congrats again to Gwen!!! 😀 – Omg!!!!!!!! So wierd!! So amazing!! Gx

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EDIT-Aww,more excited Tweets from Gwen at the wax figure unveiling!!! – Stella stefani 🙂 gx

@MadameTussauds with danilo. Yum. xg – Fans?? Hurray ! Gx – Baby nd girl gx – What???!! Gx – Kiss me! Gx – Fake me!! – Wax me gx – Danillo and wax me gx

How did my life get so great?? Gx

Thank u gx




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