New HL Perfume: G of the Sea!

goftheseaHow cool is this?! According to Now Smell This,there is a new,limited edition Harajuku Lovers fragrance called G of the Sea.The super-kawaii bottle features G as a mermaid,and has a citrusy woody-floral scent.The fragrance is available now at Sephora in 10 ($30) or 30 ($45) ml size bottles.Much congrats to Gwen on launching yet another fragrance that is sure to be a huge success!!

Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers brand has launched G of the Sea, a new limited edition fragrance for women:

G of the Sea is a beautiful mermaid with gorgeous flowing hair and an adorable green tail. Inspired by the magical world of her underground playground, this new, limited-edition Harajuku Lovers fragrance features a citrusy woody-floral scent.

Top notes delight in juicy splashes of crisp apple, magical water lily, and the tangy sweet surge of crushed berries. Soak in its heart, filled with flirty bouquets of dewy freesia, whispers of pink peony, and delicate kisses of jasmine petals. Finally, leave an enchanting trail of smoothly sundrenched woods, sensually transparent musks, and luscious amberwood.

Harajuku Lovers G of the Sea is available in 10 ($30) or 30 ($45) ml Eau de Toilette, and can be found now at Sephora. (via sephora)

Thanks to I♥ND of the ND forum,check out an HQ image of the fragrance bottle HERE.

**UPDATE** Thanks to our friends at BSO for the heads up,the G of the Sea fragrance is now available at Sephora;there is a rumor the scent may be arriving in retail stores soon,as well.

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