MyTimeKiller Blog on Why They Love Gwen

fall20Here’s a sweet article from MyTimeKiller blog on why they love Gwen so much,beginning with her fabulous sense of style-we can think of countless more reasons to love Gwen! 😉

In today’s celebrity obsessed world we’re constantly bombarded by pictures, Twitters, videos, blogs, and every other kind of message you can imagine, all focused on famous people. Sometimes it seems we can’t escape hearing about or reading about celebrities even if we try!

There’s one famous person, though, who always catches our eye and gets us to sit up and pay attention – Gwen Stefani. Why Gwen Stefani? What is it about her that we love so much, to the point where we can’t get enough of her? It’s a combination of reasons, really, beginning with her tremendous sense of style.

Whether she is on stage, popping out to the local or on the red carpet, Gwen Stefani always, always looks amazing. Her sense of style and fashion is not necessarily mainstream, but it’s not outlandish, either. Gwen knows her stuff and her outfits are cool and trendy without coming across as cheap or too skimpy.

Her incredible fashion sense naturally led her to launch her own line of clothing and accessories (called L.A.M.B.) in 2004, and they have been best sellers ever since. L.A.M.B. , one of the hottest lables around as the clothing is chic, fashionable and light hearted all at the same time. From silk tank dresses to stylish tees to rockin’ jackets to funky trousers and more, the L.A.M.B. collection is perfect for celebrities as well as everyday people like you and me. The clothing is often Asian- and South American-inspired brining international flair to every piece.

For her more cost-conscious followers, Gwen introduced the Harajuku Lovers line in 2005, and it has been a runaway success as well. Focused on clothing as well as other pieces (lingerie, accessories, fragrances, leather goods, etc.), This collection has been a great seller from the word go. It’s easy to understand why when you get a look at just how exciting (and even practical) the pieces are for the person looking for exceptional style without having to spend a fortune.

So why is it we love Gwen Stefani so much? It’s a combination of things, really, from her music to her sense of style to her forward-thinking fashion lines and more. You can always count on Gwen Stefani to be chic, stylish, and extremely well put together regardless of where she goes and what she’s doing. There’s nobody else like her, that’s for sure!

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