MTV Buzzworthy Praises Gwen's ELLE UK Cover


Gwen’s stunning ELLE UK cover has deservedly been garnering high praise from the media-the latest is from the always-awesome MTV Buzzworthy:

Gwen Stefani, seen here in the April 2011 issue of Elle UK, is looking PATENTLY “Grace Kelly; Harlow, Jean; picture of a beauty queen,” if you know what we mean, and we think you DO. Parenthetically, is it kosher to quote a Madonna song when we’re talking about Gwen Stefani? We’ve decided it IS.

Gwen’s channeling a singularly 1940s Jean Harlow sexy siren situation for Elle, and she looks SLAMMIN’, right Buzzworthy readers? Her gossamer sheer dress evokes shades of “Sex and the City”‘s Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous advertisement for her column that ran on the M7 bus line. J’adore Gwen’s signature red lip and tousled devil-may-care clipped-back mass of curls. But mostly? We’re getting the vapors over her flawlessly luminous SKIN. More than ever we’re convinced that Gwen Stefani owns a time machine and a calendar that runs backwards. OR, she’s got a Dorian Gray-style photo of herself under her bed doing her aging for her. Is she seeing a witch doctor? We need IN on that spell.

In the Elle article, Gwen Stefani confesses to wearing makeup on a daily and working out five days a week. But no word on the Hollaback Girl’s moisturizer of choice. Perhaps a lifetime supply of L’Oreal Youth Code skin care, as she’s one of the brand’s spokespeople? The mystery of HOW Gwen Stefani manages NEVER to age continues…

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