MTV Buzzworthy Praises Gwen

LOVE this!!! 😀

From MTV Buzzworthy:

What is this woman eating? Honestly!

Gwen Stefani and No Doubt made an appearance at the Kennedy Center Honors last night, and although we’re still a little hazy on what the Kennedy Center Honors are or why she was there there, who cares? This woman is the epitome of amazing.

In case you forgot, the original “Hollaback Girl” is 41 years old. 41! Gwen Stefani has two children, a hot husband, and a successful clothing line. Plus, she’s in the process of recording a new No Doubt album (yes!!!). The woman is doing all of that while rocking the same red lips and bleached blond hair she made famous almost 15 years ago. To have your hair that blonde in your 40s and not end up looking like a Real Housewife is an incredible feat. Well done, Gwen! Also, we hate you. Kidding!

So what’s Gwen Stefani’s secret? A cryogenics lab in her basement? Radically expensive potions made out of baby skin cells? Wheatgrass shots? If it is wheatgrass shots, I’ll just age the old-fashioned way–that stuff is gross. Whatever it is, send a little our way!

Watch Gwen Stefani go through her favorite clothes with Shalom Harlow back in 1996. Girl hasn’t aged A MINUTE.

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