More Confirmation of ND not Playing Grove

Thanks to an article in the OC Weekly,and to April for sharing an e-mail she received from No Doubt’s management,we now have more confirmation that ND will NOT be playing at The Grove in Anaheim next Tuesday:

From OC Weekly:

Calm the hell down, everyone–No Doubt will not be playing a secret hometown show next Tuesday.

It all started with a simple rumor tweeted by ultimate No Doubt fansite, Beacon Street, along with this post including an e-mail circulating that No Doubt would be involved in some kind of commercial shoot at the Grove of Anaheim with other “major bands,” including Linkin Park.

We immediately went to No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont for confirmation.

And the answer was a big nope… and a promised nope, at that.
Dumont then stated that the band’s just getting ready to record more songs in January… so…uh… there’s that at least.

No Doubt at the Grove?: The show that almost (but not really) was.

Also,here is an e-mail from No Doubt’s management sent to a fan named April after she inquired about the supposed performance:

Hey April – Thanks for sending this over. This is the first we’ve heard about this. No Doubt is not performing at the Grove next week. Not sure where you got the info but it’s not accurate. So there is no show for us to provide info for, we’re not playing any shows right now. Hope this helps! We’ll be sure to keep our website and Twitter account up to date with any performance info. Thanks Lisa

EDIT-The news was also posted at

There has been some talk on the forum that No Doubt might be performing in Anaheim next week. The band wanted to let everyone know they are not performing at this show and they are not involved in this television show or performance in any way.

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