Momiji Auction of Gwen-Signed Dolls

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This is exciting-according to blogger and self-proclaimed ”Kawaii fanatic” DarlingStewie,UK-based Japanese dollmaker Momiji,whom Gwen invited to her Harajuku-themed tea party at Royal/T Cafe last month,will be auctioning off 6 hand-numbered Chiyo dolls that were signed by Gwen over the next two weeks. (We assume the proceeds from the auction would benefit a charity that supports relief efforts for the Japan earthquake and tsunami victims.) There aren’t any more details about the auction at this time,but we will keep you updated on any additional information as it becomes available.

@darlingstewie Momiji will be auctioning 6 hand-numbered Chiyo dolls, signed by Gwen Stefani over the next two weeks. @momijihq

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