Miranda Cosgrove Covers 'Just A Girl' in Concert

Actress/singer Miranda Cosgrove of the Nickelodeon show ”iCarly”,who has said in the past how much she loves and admires Gwen,has been covering ”Just A Girl” during her current Dance Crazy tour.Check out a clip below:

Miranda mentioned her excitement over meeting Gwen backstage at a No Doubt concert in a recent interview with DetroitLive:

Darian: Who are stars that you’ve met that you’ve been star struck by?

Miranda: Gwen Stefani. I love her. I went to a No Doubt concert and got to meet her and I was completely freaking out. It’s funny because usually if I meet someone I’m excited to meet like Shea Lebouf or someone, I try really hard to act like I’m not star struck. I’ll go out of my way to act casual, sometimes too casual. But with Gwen Stefani I just couldn’t do it, I was totally freaking out.

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