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Fans and media sites are buzzing over Gwen’s L’Oreal Le Rouge Lip Color commercial,and deservingly so-it’s amazing,and Gwen looks breathtakingly gorgeous in it! An estimated 17 million people watched the Golden Globes last night(the highest viewership since 2007) so a LOT of people saw the ad-yay! For anyone interested,according to StyleItOnline,Gwen is likely wearing the Le Rouge lip color in either Ravishing Red or Refined Ruby in the commercial:

CORRECTION: According to @LorealParisUSA,Gwen is wearing the Blazing Sangria shade of Infalliable Le Rouge lip color in her L’Oreal commercial.
In case you missed the celebrity spokesperson announcement heard around the world, Gwen Stefani is the newest face of L’Oréal Paris. She has been one of the most iconic celebrities in fashion, beauty and music. My love for this woman knows no bounds, so it’s only natural that her involvement with L’Oréal would thrill me to no end.

Her first commercial for the beauty giant premiered during last night’s Golden Globes telecast. Featuring her iconic red lips, Gwen is the face of Infallible Le Rouge, a new long wearing lip color. After reviewing the color swatches on L’Oréal’s website, I assume that Gwen is either wearing Ravishing Red or Refined Ruby in the video. I haven’t had an opportunity to see these products in person, but if they are anything like the other products in the Infallable line, they will be spectacular.

What do you think of the commercial?

Vote for Gwen’s commercial in this Battle of the L’Oreal Ads at Celebuzz!!

It’s a battle of the celebrity beauty spokeswomen!

In this corner: Jennifer Lopez, writhing and twisting seductively while pitching L’Oreal’s EverSleek hair product. And in the other corner, No Doubt siren Gwen Stefani, in her capacity as L’Oreal Paris’ new official celebrity face, getting sassy for L’Oreal’s Infallible Le Rouge lip color while rocking the line’s “Blazing Sangria” shade.

There’s also this mention in the OC Weekly,which I personally choose not to post on the site because in my opinion it’s unnecessarily snarky.

EDIT-More media mentions:

From Idolator:

Gwen Stefani continues to be the hottest 41-year old rocker mom in history. The Paul McCartney fan dons her iconic red lipstick while appearing in her debut commercial as a new L’Oreal spokes-pop-star. She looks flawless, and if we have but one complaint, it’s the fact that L’Oreal chose “Hollaback Girl”, a six-year old song, to play under the ad. What we’re saying is — Gwen, release new music already! Either with No Doubt or as a solo artist. (Preferably with No Doubt, but we’re not choosy.)

From Neon Limelight:

With her gorgeous face and pouty lips, Gwen Stefani was the perfect choice to represent L’Oreal Paris’ new Infallible LeRouge lip color. The star wore it well in her spokeswoman debut commercial.

In the ad spot, that premiered during this weekend’s Golden Globes, the No Doubt frontwoman rocks her signature red lips to promote the rich pigments of this long-wear lipstick. Selling products never looked so good.

Gwen announced her new role as L’Oreal’s latest celebrity face just last week. The star now joins other famous spokesmodels like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

From John Coggin Blog:

Last week, L’Oreal Paris undoubtedly caused quite a stir among No Doubt fans when it announced Gwen Stefani as its new spokesmodel.

Not one to keep fans waiting (by indications), during Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony L’Oreal debuted a new TV spot featuring No Doubt frontwoman and fashion icon Stefani. (Watch the full 30-second commercial after the jump.)

The 30-sec. clip features ska skinger hocking L’Oreal’s new Infallible Le Rouge, a lipstick that — per claims expressed in the ad — stays as bright red as Gwen’s famous lips at the peak of her pin-up girl phase (years 1997 – 1998, of course!) for 10 hours.

As someone who does not wear lipstick, I have neither any grasp for the significance of such developments in the world of cosmetics nor knowledge of the accuracy of the claim. Thus, for me, the video below makes me giddy purely for its loud — “Infallible Le Rouge” loud ! — call to No Doubt fans that Gwen and Co. are preparing to unleash themselves unto the world of pop again, soon.

Fans were first cued to the impending return of your favorite ska/pop/rock group of the ’90s when No Doubt appeared at the Kennedy Center Honors in November.

The Anaheim, Calif., natives were on hand to perform the Beatles’ “Hello” and “Penny Lane” as part of a tribute to honoree Paul McCartney. Fans who haven’t yet watched the performance can rest easy knowing No Doubt did right by Paul, John, George and Ringo with a rousing medley. Nonetheless, just in case you can’t rest easy until you actually see the performance for yourself, I’ve embedded that video below.

Ditto an old ad for HP featuring Gwen in a beautifully edited series of shots set to a narrative in which the blonde singer describes her creative process.

For the aspiring pop culture historian reading, in some not-so-distant future, we’ll likely point to that commercial as the one that established the template for Lady Gaga and her seemingly-infinite list of endorsement deals, many of them only soon to be revealed as part of what promises to be a massive roll-out schedule for her third album Born this Way.

Back in No Doubt land, the band has confirmed via its official site that it is indeed back in the studio recording new music for an album scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2011.

Thank. Gawd. We’ve been waiting on this since, what, 2004?!

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