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Love Angel Music Twitter, Gwen Figures Out How To TwitPic

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“how do I tweet a pic??” Gwen Stefani asked her more than 23,000 followers on Twitter not too long ago. It’s moments like this we should remember that Gwen is not just a taste-making pop icon, she’s also a 40-year-old mother of two who’s trying to juggle a Fashion Week show and – oh yeah — record a new even-MORE-80’s influenced No Doubt album. Who has time to learn social media? Luckily, No Doubt’s Tom Dumont lent a hand by introducing Gwen to twitpic-ing — and the results are well worth a look. Gwen and the guys seem to be using a camera-phone or laptop cam that gives them a vaguely vintage sheen. Wait til Gwen discovers Tumblr.

It was really cute how Gwen was trying to post those TwitPics a few weeks ago-it’s awesome enough that she takes the pics and great of Tom to help her 😀

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