Let's Make #HappyBirthdayGwen Trend!


Gwen’s birthday is less than week away-it’s on October 3rd.Let’s try to get #HappyBirthdayGwen trending on Twitter on Gwen’s birthday by placing the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGwen in our Tweets and by spreading the word about the trending event on facebook,Twitter,etc.Here are some tips:

Set your Twitter account to public. Your tweets will only show on the public timeline and contribute to trending topic if it’s public.

Always include the key words #HappyBirthdayGwen when Tweeting.

Only use #HappyBirthdayGwen ONCE per Tweet, or it will be counted as spam.

Starting Tweeting early and often on October 3rd.

When Tweeting,ReTweet the Tweets of others who are Tweeting the hashtag #HappyBirthdayGwen.

Again,spread the word to friends and any ND/Gwen fans you know,as well as on social networking sites like facebook,Twitter,etc.

Let’s all help #HappyBirthdayGwen become a trending topic on October 3rd! 😀

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